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These are examples of the types of storage devices that data can be saved from. Click the link below for information on Drive Savers.

 System Crashes or hardware failure can cost you time, money and irreparable loss of your personal and business data. For this reason Dr. Dan's Computers offers comprehensive backup and data retrieval services.

In most cases we are able to retain data, if a computer has been affected by a system failure or malicious software attack. In the event of a catastrophic hard drive failure we have partnered up with Drive Savers Data Recovery, which is the industry leader in recovery services for damaged data storage devices.

First off, bring your system in to us for a free evaluation.

We can evaluate your hard drive immediately to see if data can be readily retrieved. At this point, it is your option to check in with us to attempt data retrieval. The normal rate for most retrievals is a flat $60.00 fee plus the cost of the media you would like us to save your data to, i.e. USB Flash disk or DVD'S.

If we determine that your storage device is damaged, we can handle data retrieval services for you with Drive Savers, or you may take your device and contact them directly.

What to do if you think you have data loss?

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