Question:  I have antivirus software, so why do I keep getting infections?

Answer:  The truth is there is no foolproof antivirus program that can guarantee total protection. As of 2015 estimates on new infections that come out total over one million per day. No one antivirus program can identify every infection immediately. Keeping your antivirus program updated is advisable but, it should be supplemented with a good malware detection program and a full scan should be run on a regular basis. Don't depend on these programs to automatically protect you. Always be aware of what websites you visit, advertisements you click on, and programs you download.


Question:  What is the difference between malware and viruses and where do they come from?

Answer:  This is an extensive topic which cannot fully be explained in this forum. Because infection related issues are the primary source of computer problems today, the distinction between a virus and malware can be somewhat interchangeable. Generally speaking a computer virus is a malicious replicating program that seeks to steal data, personal information, or damage your computer system. Whereas, malware or spyware is a range of infectious codes that clog up your computer with false advertisements, unwanted programs and browser add-ons, such as unwanted toolbars.

Regardless of what your computer is infected with, most of these infections originate outside of the United States. The information that is either stolen or solicited is used for various levels of organized and white-collar crime. These include identity theft, credit card fraud, and money laundering.  

Question:  My computer won't come up and I have not backed up any of my files. Can they be retrieved?

Answer:  Not every computer failure means that your data is lost. In most cases we can pull data from a system that is not coming up. This is contingent upon two factors. The first is that the system hard drive has not failed. The second is that the data has not been erased or corrupted. We recommend that you bring your system in. We will evaluate it on the spot and check for hard drive failure. Do not be discouraged if we find a bad hard drive, there are still other options to get your data back. See our page on Data Recovery

Question:  How do I back up my computer? When should I back it up?

Answer:  This is a form of maintenance that most people neglect. There are many methods that one can use to backup a computer system. The newest and most convenient way is to setup a cloud account and save your data online. Using imaging software to back up to an external hard drive or a USB flash drive is also a good method to use.  We prefer manual backups to external hard drives. This means dragging and dropping your files to your USB hard drive. This method is a more secure option, but can be time  consuming and tedious. Regardless of how you choose to back up your system, we recommend you do so often. At least once a month.  

Question:  Does Dr. Dan's offer field service?

Answer:  Unfortunately, we do not offer mobile field service. However, we do offer remote access service by appointment. Feel free to call us to set up a time were we can work with you to address your needs.

Question:  Should I repair or replace my computer or laptop?

Answer:  The answer to this question is based on a number of different factors. These include age range, specs, and damage. Generally, if you purchased a low cost computer and it is more than five years old, it may not be cost effective to repair. Especially if it has any failing parts that need to be replaced.

Before you make a decision we recommend bringing your system in for our free evaluation. At that point you can decide if you want to repair or replace it. Our repair costs are reasonable in most cases we can fix it for less or offer you a suitable replacement at a low cost.

Question:  How long will it take to fix my computer?

Answer:  We have always held a general 24 hour turn around time. Most of our repairs are usually completed within this timeframe. Of course, complex repairs or systems needing special parts can take longer.  In recent years we have invested in upgrades to our infrastructure to improve repair times. As a result many of our common services can now be completed within a few hours or even while you wait. Regardless of whatever service your system will need our main goal is to get your system back to you as quickly as possible at the least amount of cost to you. 

Question:  Does Dr. Dan’s do new or used computers? Do we buy your old computers?

Answer:  Yes, Yes and Yes. We will build any custom PC to meet your needs and these system are new and warrantied by us.  Unfortunately, we do not deal in new laptops. The laptops we sell are used or refurbished and we always have low cost, used or refurbished PCs ready to go. 

We do buy used and broken PC’s, Tablets, Laptops and other assorted computer hardware. We ask that you bring in the system for evaluation so we can see if we can make you an offer. 

Question:  Does Dr. Dan’s sell or repair Apple products?

Answer:  Yes and Yes. Macs are very popular products and we will repair systems that the Apple store may not service any more. We do sell Macs as well. However, they do sell quickly. We suggest calling us if you are interested in a Mac system. We can let you know if we have any that are available.   

We get many questions about our services and computer related topics.  This page lists the answers to some of these common questions. For further information on any of these topics feel free to call us or send us an email from our contact page.

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