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These workstations are a common type of system used in business related infrastructures. Powered by Intel processors and motherboards they are reliable and versatile. 

As one of our better selling used systems, we can adapt them for almost any of your needs and they come in 3 different tower sizes. 

Dell Optiplex and Precision Workstations

We offer OEM, Used and Refurbished parts

The majority of our customers prefer affordable alternatives for their computing needs. To that end, we carry a vast stock of used and refurbished systems that are readily available and backed up by our parts and service warranty. 

These systems can be customized for almost any purpose and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and specifications. This page lists some of the common products we carry.

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New Custom Built Personal Computers


Laptops are a popular product with our customers. We carry a wide assortment of used and refurbished laptops to meet your computing needs.

The laptops we sell are based on availability and these are examples of types of laptops that we may have in stock at any given time. To see if we have the type of system you are looking for, give us a call or come by our shop to try them out.

In most cases we can customize any laptop we have to your needs, or order the system you want at reasonable rates.

Our new options for systems Include almost any type of custom built system to meet your specifications. We have partnered with end users and business professionals to create gaming systems, engineering workstations, rackmount server systems and different types of client workstations for various types of implementations.

Whether your interests include creating a professional workstation or a simple home use streaming system, our professional technicians can work with you to build exactly what you need.

To inquire about a custom built computer, please contact us with the general specifications of the type of system you're interested in. We can usually have a quote for you Within 24 hours. 

If you are unsure of the type of system you need, we can work with you one on one to build your system at an affordable cost. 

Welcome to the Dr. Dan's Computers parts department. We make parts research and purchasing quick and easy. If you have any questions at all, our friendly team of replacement parts experts are just a phone call away. Genuine parts, personal service, same day shipping and the industry's best products. 

At Dr. Dan's Computers we carry standard replacement parts that are new and used making it easy to find the parts you want at a decent price. 

If we do not have the part you are looking for we can get it ordered for you and install it to your system for a small labor fee. Some installations, such as RAM, are even free. 

Generally, we recommend using OEM parts for your repair needs.  However we do realize that cost is often a determining factor in these decisions. For this reason we carry a variety of both used and OEM parts for what ever your budget will allow. 

To inquire as to which parts we currently have available, feel free to call us for any quotes.